Meter Reading

Our biggest customer is a utility company and their results from acquiring the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT) as their meter reading mode of transportation is incredible! They found that Segway PTs pay for themselves after three months of productivity. That's incredible results for a utility company that focuses on efficient meter reading and responsive transportation! It has helped produce strong results on their bottom line and also helped reduce larger asset purchases such as trucks and other vehicles. There's not much more we can say for this, it truly speaks for itself.

"We recently purchased 2 Segway PTs from Segway of Tennessee and could not have asked for a smoother transaction. We were given the best price possible and had the units in hand within the week. The sales staff offered extremely detailed advice on the different models to give us a better fit for the work that we do. The entire process was very positive and we will use Segway of Tennessee again for any future acquisitions." - Adam Frazee, Manager of Procurement