About Us

If you met us personally, you'd realize that we believe there's something more for you than just a Segway product. There's a helpful tool, a service, a mobility device, a governing instrument, a cost-saver, a tour, or even a recreational blast! There really isn't a field where Segway PTs cannot be used because of the enormous amount of accessories and applications that can be added to your Segway platform. It's our job to help you better understand that and also help you understand the ways that a Segway PT can help make your business or government more efficient and realize how it can truly be life-changing asset for your organization. From small laboratory companies to large government municipalities, our customers will tell you that we match our low-maintenance product with the most reliable customer service and training. We take tremendous pride in not only knowing our products and accessories from head-to-toe, but also in the extensive training that we offer new and existing customers.

If you've made it this far on our website, your next step is to make the phone call so that we can introduce ourselves to you and set up a demo with one of our Segway products. We'll even make the next step easy - we'll come to you for a free demonstration. So let's talk. We look forward to getting to know you better and helping you realize what you've been missing!